Handheld Learning’s focus is on learning and teaching practice enhanced by the use of mobile and ubiquitous technologies.

While learning is in our opinion a right and a choice, not everyone has access to the same value of education, depending on where abouts you are in the world – we aim to change that.

Most kids and adults now use their mobile phones or tablets on a daily basis, being connected to something like this presents an opportunity for learning on a large scale.

iphone1There’s no doubt that many will be more interested in getting the latest angry birds game, popular app or a casemad.com phone case to beautify their latest purchase – but learning is nonetheless vitally important!

The vision for Learning via mobile and tablets, is that the technology and media that have become progressively accepted among the everyday lives of technology users will be used for powerful learning experiences both in and outside normal education areas.

These technologies vary from mobile phones to games consoles, cheap laptops to media players, social media platforms to media sharing networks and more.

While more and more have mobile phones and internet access and hand-held devices outsell PCs by a long way, we tend to believe there is a large opportunity to use this for learning and education.